An entry for inktober done with ink, copic markers and gold hobby paint. [ID: A drawing in greyscale of a young elf woman with horns and long black hair and a sari-inspired outfit sitting in shallow water with lotus flowers around her. The only pops of colour are the pink lotus flowers and the gold on her shawl and jewellery.]
An entry for inktober done with ink brush pen and copic markers. [ID: A half-body illustration of a man in a hoodie and a skull mask. He is holding a frappucino and smirking towards the viewer.]
An entry for inktober done with fineliners, liquid ink and watercolour. [ID: A scene in greyscale and yellow. An elder woman is standing in front of a forest looking at a grave stone in front of her. There is a flower vase in front of the grave stone. A cat is sitting next to the woman. The woman is leaning on a cane. Around them are candles floating in the air.]
An entry for inktober done with fineliners, liquid ink, copic markers and watercolour. [ID: A girl is sitting in a closet, her knees drawn up to her body. She has tears in her eyes but is smiling at a small fairy hovering in front of her. The drawing is in gray scale but the fairy casts a pink light over the scene.]
Life drawing. [ID: A chalk sketch of a nude woman's back.]
Studies from life. [ID: Two fineliner drawings with a post-it note in the middle of each of them. The first one is of a living room, the other a group of couches and tea table.]